Review: LILY AND THE OCTOPUS by Steven Rowley

Rating: 5/5
Release Date: June 7, 2016

Meet Lily: the vibrant, lovable dachshund WHO! JUST! GETS! REALLY! EXCITED! ABOUT! LIFE!

Meet Ted: Lily’s insecure, uncertain human companion, whose bond with Lily is his comfort and his rock.

Enter the octopus: the lecherous thing that’s attached itself to Lily’s head and is determined to shatter the life Lily and Ted have together.

Told from Ted’s perspective, Lily and the Octopus is an honest and emotional novel that explores love, grief, change, and how we deal with the inexplicable circumstances life throws at us.

Lily and Ted’s relationship is profound, quirky, and understandable to any pet owner or animal lover. Thursday’s are when they talk about boys. They quote movies to each other. They have a life’s worth of adventures together. The unwavering love between them is nearly tangible. It’s the foundation of the novel, and everything else unfolds around it.

But good things can’t last forever. The octopus shows up, and their lives are irrevocably20160706_071724_20160706083154716 changed. Ted must confront things in his life and about himself that he was letting himself ignore. They octopus has come, and they won’t be able to go back to life as it used to be.

Rowley’s writing is raw—unsurprising considering how close to his heart the events of the novel are—and artful. He writes deeply and fully, and readers’ will be drawn in by the humor of and instant connection with his narrator.

It’s poignant, funny, and contemplative—you won’t want to put it down.  Just make sure you have tissues and a pet close by.

Rating: 5/5 stars


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