Why I Blog

I have been on Tumblr for four years, but only in the last few weeks have I made an effort to actually USE my blog. An eagerness to create a little more original content has since spiraled into redoing my Tumblr, starting a new Twitter and Instagram, and building this new blog site (don’t ask me about how long it took me to find a WordPress theme I liked. I’m still having nightmares).

20160804_184724-01Why did I, an almost-full-time employee and soon-to-be grad student, decide to add more to my workload? Spend hours trying to learn graphic design and HTML, combing through established book blogs for advice, and pretending I know a thing about photography?

I could say that it’s something that I can put on my resume. I’m working towards a career in publishing, which isn’t the easiest field to get in to. Yes, this blog is on my resume, and yes, I actually do think it’s made a difference. The resume answer is at least what I tell people who might not feel the same way I do about language and books, who might not understand the passion that drives me.

But that’s really not the answer at all.

I talk about books on the internet because it’s an extension of the friends I made through our shared love of Harry Potter. I’m not kidding, I had like two friends at the beginning of high school and somehow found myself in a group that still hangs out six years later because one mutual friend invited me over to watch Harry Potter with them.

It’s the hours we spent talking about all of the books that we’d loved, that we’d hated, that we had on our to-read list.

It’s my freshman year of college when I thought I would be doing something not English, not book related, and not publishing (jokes, I now realize). When I realized there was a huge gap in my life because I had no one near me to talk about books and no literature classes to look forward to.

It’s when I was able to begin to fill that gap thanks to Tumblr, where I found people who were as eager and excited to talk about books as I was.

It’s when I finally changed my major and fell in love (or dislike…it happens) over and over with the books I read for class. It’s the friends I made in those classes, the things I learned about books and literature, and the things I learned about myself. It’s the things I learned about the world in those classes.

It’s the people who have their own book experiences, opinions, and analysis that I haven’t gotten to hear yet. It’s the people I might get to share those things with because of this blog.IMG_8661-01

It’s the community of book lovers who continually reaffirm my love for the written word and the importance of the stories in our lives.

It’s the promise of a future of sharing those stories and of helping to create more.

It’s the hope that you, reader, will find something in this blog that I have found in other book bloggers and in those friends over the years.


2 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. This is a great post! I really enjoyed reading it. I don’t have lots of friends or family who read, well who read the same books as me at least. So it’s great to be able to come online and talk about books with people who share my opinions or to have friendly debates with people who don’t.


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