Know Your Publishers: Chronicle Books

The Facts:

Courtesy of Chronicle Books

Founded: 1967

Location: San Francisco

Indie or Imprint: Indie! They were founded during the Summer of Love and have stayed just as independent and unpredictable.

Genres: Children’s and young adult as well as a wide range of gifts and stationery

Well-Known Publications: The Things to Write About series; What’s Your Poo Telling You by Josh Richman and Anish Sheth, MD; the Letters to My… series; and All My Friends Are Dead by Avery Monsen and Jory John.

Why You Should Know Them:

Courtesy of Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books’ motto is to “See things differently.” They focus on making sure every detail, from cover design to marketing, is true to spirit of the book-or anything else that they’re creating. They also look outside of their own company and focus on the broader publishing industry. Their “Chronicle Connects” initiative aims to make environmentalism and volunteerism a principle

Chronicle’s headquarters is in an old maritime machine shop and warehouse, which even has a store for people to visit and pick up their favorite Chronicle publication and they have their several bookstores around California and one in Tokyo. Their blog has quirky and unique content for casual readers and bookworms alike. “Stationery for People Who Say F*ck a Lot” is personal favorite of mine (wink, wink).

Find Them On:


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